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Our ambition : simple, seamless mobility

Free2Move’s ambition is to provide efficient and reliable mobility solutions to both individuals and corporations. It aims at gathering a wide range of solutions under one single services portfolio, making life easier for its customers.

Now operating in Seattle!

Since early October, Free2Move is letting Seattleites enjoy a SEAMLESS mobility experience in their city. It also allows them to SAVE TIME by using various carsharing and bikesharing services through one single app. More US cities are coming SOON!

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Free2Move encompasses a wide array of mobility-related services. They address our customers mobility needs, during their everyday lives or while at work.

A mobility service platform

The Free2Move app makes life easier. It enables users to identify all available shared vehicles in their vicinity in just one click on their smartphone : cars, bikes, scooters... Users can thus compare the location, characteristics and operating cost of available vehicles. They can either book or immediately access the vehicle of their choice for a period ranging between a few minutes and several days.

The Free2Move application provides access to dozens of such services in North America and Europe (France, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Sweden). The application is free and available for iOS and Android.

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An ecosystem of mobility partners

Free2Move's strategy leverages targeted partnerships with specific mobility operators. With them, Free2Move is involved in mobility under numerous forms : electric vehicles, one-way or round-way trips, peer-to-peer carsharing.
Find out more in the following links : TravelCar, Communauto, Emov, Bolloré, Koolicar. It also encompasses Groupe PSA's in-dealership rental services.

Multi-make full-service leasing

Free2Move Lease focuses on multi-make full-service leasing of cars and LCVs to corporate fleets. It offers professionnals and larger companies alike flexible leasing plans combined with services optimizing vehicle usage. Free2Move Lease is available in select European countries.

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Free2Move Connect Fleet

This solution for companies permits to increase productivity and reduce costs linked to your fleet. Your vehicles' onboard electronic units transmits data in real time: they streamline maintenance operations, monitor fuel consumption and provide vehicle tracking. Our comprehensive solution is adaptable on any car brand and available in Europe.

Free2Move Fleet Sharing

This digitalized solution provides your team full access to your available cars on a 24 hour/7 day basis. Thus, their mobility is made easier while reducing travel costs. Our comprehensive solution is also adaptable on any car brand and available in Europe.